update log

[2013-03-15] Download quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software
There are many ways to find software from website and QRMA.COM software website is a professional one. They offer lifetime free upgrade serves for quantum resonance magnetic analyzer . Just be sure is your machine original and is it can be upgrade?
[2013-03-13] Different encrytion key between orginal quantum analyer and fake one
original one fake one All original quantum resonance magnetic analyzer with white color encrytion key and some fake one also use this color, but all green,blue encrytion key means the machine is fake. Fake analyzer can't be upgraded software and fi
[2013-03-12] Why QRMA upgrade serves is useless?
As we mentioned before, different quantum analyzer supplier with different encrytion key. So if customers did not buy from us that means our software is not compitable with the machine. Also only original analyzer support upgrade function.
[2013-03-09] What is the Degree of Bone Hyperplasia means in quantum analyzer testing report?
As the testing report from quantum magnetic analyzer about Degree of Bone Hyperplasia It is the bone state. In the process of growth, development and completion of bone, some parts lose the normal shape. Bone hyperplasia are in various forms and ha
[2013-03-09] How can find the matching quantum analyzer software from website.
In general, manufacturers set up a encrytion key before selling the quantum resonance magentic analyzer to other suppliers. Each geniune and quanlity analyzer distribute a CD and encrytion key. but fake one did not. That means if you bought a geniune
[2013-03-08] Why do geniune quantum analyzer is much more expensive then the fake one?
There are many fake quantum analyzer in the market and sells with a loe price. We have to know, cheap goods is not good. Just Compare the belows detail then we will know. 1. Geniune one offer 3 years guarrantee and lifetime free upgrate serves. th
[2013-03-05] support other quantum analyzer software
Every manufactures set up a key number before selling the products.quantum resonance magneetic analyzer software offer lifetime free upgrate serves, the software support Win2K/XP/Win7/Win8/Vista system. Customers contact us then software wi
[2013-01-30] How to keep the old data when upgrade the quantum analyzer software
How to keep the old data when upgrade the quantum analyzer software: When some client upgrade the new quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software, will find that the old test data(record) are missing. Pls remember backup the old data before your uni
[2013-01-26] quantum magnetic analyzer upgrade problem
quantum magnetic analyzer upgrade problem: There are many more fake quantum magnetic resonance analyzer sale in the market. Some client purchase it may be the some results, the software are damage or want to upgrade. First pls confirm that you are
[2013-01-25] Why old version quantum analyzer can't upgrade into new version?
Why old version quantum magnetic analyzer can't upgrade into new version? More clients purchase the old version quantum magnetic resonance analyzer before, then they want to upgrade the software,but can't do it, Boz the old version quantum analyzer a