update log

[2013-04-18] How to get password QRMA.COM of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer website
WE is the unique quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software downlaod website . This website is build up for WE customers and do after-sells services for them. Everyone who bought from us will get an encrytion key , and the key number keep cahng
[2013-04-12] latets quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
We keep the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer report upgrading steady, at present, the latest software version 3.6.0 with 38 report. Also with 85%-90% accuracy. Also keep all function on version 3.3.0. children test function and data contrast.
[2013-04-08] Latest original quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
The latest quantum resonance magnetic analyzer with amazing function, also KDS offer the unique products and services below: 1. 85%-90% accuracy 2. 3 years warranty 3. free upgrade forever, and this is the upgrade website ( the unique upgrade website
[2013-04-08] About 2nd quantum analyzer and 3rd quantum analyzer
At present, the latest quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software is version3.3.0, that is 3rd generation. 2nd is old version has we don't manufacture it any more. Also if anyone bought 2nd from us please kindly contact us so that we send you the n
[2013-04-04] After reset os, the error shows
After reinstall the OS and the error window shows you can not find encrytion key, that is not encrytion key problem, it is software question. In this case, please uninstall the quantumresonance magnetic analyzer software then reinstall it. if it is
[2013-03-29] Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software problem
Quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer is a sub-health testing machine to help people keep away from silk but not medicial machine and use for cure.Becasue the different analyzer with different analyzer, sometimes the analyzer less accurate or can not
[2013-03-28] 32 report and 38 report quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
In general, Original quantum resonance magnetic analyzer with 32 report, the every report with peremeter explain but without color. it reach 85%-90% accurate. Also original can offer 38 report but the last some report won't eb with peremeter. Most
[2013-03-26] Is possible when I bought a language version analyzer and upgrade by other language
When some one bought a Malysia, Portuguese, Fresh or other language, and now want a English version or upgrade to English version, it is work for us We offer life time free upgrade serves and 3 years warranty, always offer free quantum resonance magn
[2014-02-28] Where to download free english quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software
If I bought a quantum resonance magnetic analyzer from other company with other language version, Now i want to upgrade it to other language version, where can I download the free analyzer software . The first thing you have to understand is, all o
[2013-03-20] where to download free quantum resonance magnetic analyzer?
we offer lifetime free quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software for our customers. They can log in our website and see a link, just download the software from the link then contact with our after-sales person, we will teach you step by step .