update log

[2013-08-03] How many report for latest 3rd generation quantum resonance mangetic analyzer
Latest 3rd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer come with many language version. English Chinese Spanish Korea all upgrade to version 3.7.0 come with 39 report That is basic 32+3male+3female+comprehensive=39 report Malysia Romanian Thai
[2014-04-26] How many report for Latest 3rd generation amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer come with 3 language version English, Spanish and Chinese Come withh 31 report in total.
[2013-08-03] 3D NLS non linear dagnostic system all finish upgrade
3D NLS full name Mra Non Linear Dagnostic System come with Czech Bulgarian German Italian Spanish English Chinese At present all finish the installation upgrade. Just click set up and follow the steps as windows show, everyone can handle well.
[2014-04-17] quantum resonance magnetic analyzler software upgrade
Original quantum resonance magnetic analyzer use dual-core process, come with high compatibility and stability So the software can be upgraded and compatible with hardware and encryption key. Just download the software from our upgrade website and
[2013-07-20] test report sample of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
quantum resonance magnetic analyzer with many languege santard version expert advise can be edited.
[2014-04-16] How to run the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer lose encryption key
Encryption key is part of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer , inset encryption lock. quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software come with security, when security compatible with encryption lock. The quantum analyzer can be worked. just like the
[2014-04-10] Is it possible to change the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer language version?
In general, we just set one language program in the quantum resonance magnetic analyzerencryption key . Only quantum analyzer software encryption lock number compatible with encryption key, the software and machine work. also we can set up serveral
[2014-04-09] How to get quantum analyzer download password
KDS is a quantum analyzer software upgrade website , also our quantum analyzer after-sales services website. Only customers can get the password. If want the software, please log in VIP way and we will answer within 24 hours After confirm informati
[2013-06-18] 2013 Latest detox foot spa
Now the latest detox foot spa go in public on June, 4 items still new in the market. Most suitable for all people use, single process or dual-system. all include in it. we use 10 circle rounds, most detox foot spa use 6 rounds in the market.
[2014-03-24] blood pressure monitor
New blood pressure monitor new in public and not sell yet. Old customers who buy quantum resonance magnetic analyzer get one blood pressure monitor free. Only for this promotion time.