update log

[2014-07-08] what's the difference between solo-core processor and dual-core processor quantum analyzer
There are 2nd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer and the 3rd generation quantum analyzer in the market. The biggest difference is 2nd generation use solo-core processor, do not support Win7/Win8 ( 64 bits ) operation system. Besides, 2n
[2014-07-05] what languauge of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer can be used
quantum resonance magnetic analyzer at presend has many language, because we new develop some language so only we have it in the world. English/Spanish/Amway spanish/Indonesian/Vietnamese/Korea/Chinese in 39 report
[2013-10-29] Amway skin analyzer
Amway skin analyzer We have analyzer specially design for amway people amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer come with amway nutrition recommandation skin analyzer also come with suggestion, it is editable amway people can change it into any
[2014-07-01] 3D NLS health analyzer software
3D NLS health analyzer software 3D NLS is new and hot selling diagnose machine in the world now. The 5th generation 3D NLSis only our brand i.e we have it because we develop this software by our own. Trasitional 3D NLS software is hard to install
[2013-10-25] skin + hair + iriscope combination analyzer
One machine in 3 function, it is a combination function machine. Three lens three software make three function, can be optioned. At present only English and Chinese can be used. iriscope , hair analyzer , skin analyzer , you buy one, and get three
[2014-06-28] What' old version 3D NLS and new version 3D NLS
3D diacom machine was develop by Russian 35 years ago. After a long term development, many things change and we develop the 5th generaion 3D NLS machine Full name 3D non-linear diagnose system Old version in off-white backgroup, many function can'
[2014-06-26] Latest 3D NLS diacom analyzer
3D NLS now is most popular diagnose machaine in general clinic and doctor use tool For this reason, we update it again and again, now make it trend to perfect. Actually we did it. Now update both hardware and softare From our vedio: http://www.you
[2014-06-25] 39 report Indonesian quantum resonance magnetic analyzer installer
Indonesian quantum resonance magnetic analyzer develop by this year, August 2013. Because we setting process on the encryption key and key ID, so only our analyzer and encryption key support Indonesian version Besides, this version is new develop v
[2013-10-21] Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer test result
Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer test result Now latest quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is 3rd generation version 3.7.2 Come with 39 report for adult, 4 item for age 1-10 years old children. Hardware use dusl-core processor, keep high compa
[2014-06-21] Health massager, head massager, eye massager
Health massager, head massager, eye massager During this high press time, more and more people would like to find some ways to relax and pay more attention to sub-health treatment . Doing spa or massager in beauty salon is very expensive and time l