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[14-07-08] what's the difference between solo-core processor and dual-core processor quantum analyzer

There are 2nd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer andthe 3rd generation quantum analyzer in the market.

The biggest difference is 2nd generation use solo-core processor, do not support Win7/Win8 ( 64 bits ) operation system.

Besides, 2nd generation do not come with children test function and comparision function yet.


The 3rd generation use dual-core processor so has much better compatibility and stability, work with Win2K/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 ( 32 bits and 64 bits ) OS.

Also now thelatest 3rd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer come with 39 report, version 3.7.2

Children age 1-10 years test 4 report.


All above information only suitable for original analyzer. Becuase fake machine copy 3rd generation quantum health analyzer, but use solo-core process.

Poor compatibility and stability. we don;t judge, also not support any fake products.

Further information please email: kds.cathy@gmail.com



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