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[13-09-05] What's original latest quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

What's original latest quantum resonance magnetic analyzer

                 Hardware: dual-core process
                 Software: version 3.7.2 ( latest 3rd generation )
                 Report: 39 report for adult, 4 report for age 1-10 years old children
                 Warranty: 3 years
                 After-sales: lifetime free, do upgrade from
                 OS: support XP/Vista/Win7/WIn8 ( high compatibility and stability )
                 U flash disk replace CD to store software, encrypion key with inset original system ( with bar code )
                 Certificate: CE and software copyright certificate

The most important things, original quantum analyzer factory or direct marketing company must come with software copyright and upgrade website.
Besides, CE and other certificate may be can do it by Photoshop, so can log in the office website to check if it is reall


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