[2013-03-12] (Vitamin) Analysis Report Card
Vitamin A is related to growth and reproduction, and is an indispensable material of epithelial cells. The lack of vitamin A will cause cortex keratosis, rough skin, night blindness and dry eye. Vitamin B1 is in charge of carbohydrate metabolism. Th
[2013-03-11] Difference between the original and piracy quantum analyzer
There are many difference between original quantum analyzer and fake quantum analyzer. 1. Most fake one support more testing items but it less accurate, or repeat. The original version 3.3.0 only support 32 checking items with abouve 85% accuracy. 2.
[2013-03-11] How to judge geniune and fake quantum analyzer?
Most fake analyzer and quality analyer look- All geniune and quality quantum analyzer use white encrytion key, If you bought a quantum analyzer with green, blue and other color, I am sorry to tell you that you bought a fake one. Althoght you paid
[2013-03-08] Urobilinogen testing item from quantum analyzer
This is one of checking items about Urobilinogen from quantum analyzer Urobilinogen is a colourless product of bilirubin reduction. It is formed in the intestines by bacterial action. Some urobilinogen is reabsorbed, taken up into the circulation
[2013-03-07] How to get the data back after reset the quantum analyzer software?
After reset the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software, the new data library cover the old one and losing it, so we set two function on the function module, Before reset the software, please backup first. After reset is done then click the re
[2013-03-07] What is the reason cause difference result of twice testing on quantum analyzer?
One human body testing twice with quantum resonanance magnetic ananlyzer within a short time, The resort shows a big difference, what is the reson? The first step, please pay attention to the encryption lock color, white color lock is quanlity produc
[2013-03-06] The different of each item quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
There are 4 top selling quantum resonance magnetic analyzer over the world. QRMA01, QRMA 02, QRMA 03, QRMA 04. The several machine different from appearance, but function and prices almost in common.
[2013-03-06] Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer and bags under the eyes.
Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer report: As human being lack of sleep, their asymmetrical skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and adipocyte hypertrophy after Orbital ke cause bags under the eyes.
[2013-03-05] How to upgrate the quantum analyzer?
quantum analyzer offer lifetime free software upgrate, just contact the after-sales person, then they will send you a lilnk
[2013-03-05] Report of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
As the testing result quantum resonance magnetic analyzer, there is a scope of Vitamin B12. Reference standard. Normal -range 6.428-21.396 Mildly abnormal + range 3.219-6.428 Mildly abnormal ++range:1.612-3.219 Serious +++ <1.614