[2013-03-20] How can I do if pay the money but fail to received the quantum analyzer?
We has been engaged in this business line for many years and sells the products over the world. Also they have many customers in other contries. Paypal, T/T, Western Union is accepted. Paypal means noly customer
[2013-03-19] About quantum analyzer
Some customers feek back us, about the expert advise of quantum analyzer is too much suggestion for vegetable, fruit and something else like that, it is not suitable for doctor use. and sometimes it is un correct when testing the sick. Quantum analyz
[2013-03-19] why the quantum resonance magnec analyzer with contradictory data?
First of all, you have to sure you bought a original quantum resonance magnetic analyzer , it is with 85%-90% accuracy, the date won't be contradictory, but sometimes on the expert advise of comprehensive report will have two items with different s
[2013-03-18] Original quantum resonance magnetic analyzer supplier
Also they developed a software version for Amway, At present, original Amway version quantum resonance magnetic analyzer come from, also many fake analyzer in the market. Only the original analyzer can be upgrade.
[2013-03-18] The encrytion key of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer.
Encrytion key is a part of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer . Only machine with this key can be operated. Different factory produce different encrytion key, make an example, analyzer is a mailbox, software is ID then the key is a password, only
[2013-03-16] What is version Amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
Amway company is a very big customer so we developed a new analyzer for this company, that is Amway version. Actually, Amway version quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is same as universal quantum resonance magnetic analyzler . And Amway version inc
[2013-03-16] The difference between universal analyzer and Amway analyzer
Universal quantum resonance magnetic analyzer and Amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer has same function and testing result. 32 checking items with 85%-90% accuracy, just some difference about comprehensive report, for Expert advise.
[2013-03-14] Notes of using quantum resonance magnetic analyzer.
Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is a sub-health testing machine. When using it, No drunk, No spicy food before2 days. About the testing time, keep calm down and keep matel, cellphone away. just one minites. The most important thing is, fill th
[2013-03-13] Pancreatic Polypeptide report from quantum analyzer
Depanding the quantum analyzer report, there are a testing item about Pancreatic Polypeptide. It is a kind of polypeptide with hormonal nature, which synthesized and released by PP cells.
[2013-03-13] About quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is one kind of sub-health testing machine for human body. The latest version 3.3.0 can test 32 checking items for adult and 4 checking items for children age between 1-10 with 85%-90%. It is not physical therapy