[2013-04-01] Is Spanish Amway quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer recomment products
Amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is a analyzer develop for customers come from Spain and who speaking Spanish. Amway Spanish quantum resonance magnetic analyzer like the English version, also with the recommendation function.
[2013-03-30] Amway quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
Amway distributors are our big customers so we develop the Amway version. At present, Amway quantum analyer with English and Spanish language version. America, Spain and Columbia market want this a lot, and we keep working on this, and it will kee
[2013-03-30] Amway Spanish Version Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer
It is a big break though, our company new develop the new software version --- Spanish Amway Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer Many customer ask us to require this products, so we new develop it to meet the market need. Besides, we have many othe
[2013-03-28] quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software
we owns the unique quantum resonance magneitc analyzer software free download and upgrade website. They offer lifetime free upgrade service for customers and keep their machine runnig well.
[2014-02-27] Is parameter explanations of each item with correctly explained
The quantum resonance magnetic analyzer report with 32 items in total and each items with parameter explanations above 85% accurate. Children age between 1-10 can be checked with 4 items, also with parameter explanations above 85% accuracy.
[2013-03-25] What language of Amway version quantum resonance magnetic analyzer support?
At present, Amway quantun resonance magnetic analyzer only support Chinese and English version but always keep incresing. But univesal quantum resonance magnrtic analyzer support many language and keeps increasing.
[2013-03-23] The unique quantum analyzer software upgrade website
we with the unique upgrade website in analyzer market . Many customers bought analyzer from other company and ask upgrade software from QRMA. i t is not working because fake analyzer can't be upgrade and the enc
[2013-03-23] About the medicament license of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer
Quantum resonance magnetic analyzer is a kind of sub-health testing machine just use for testing human body and judge yhe body standy, but not medical apparatus and instruments. At present, medicament license can be applied in China
[2014-02-26] Example of quantum analyzer testing report
Drug allergy is due to drug-induced allergic reactions. Allergic reactions are a class of abnormal immune responses. Abnormal immune response, either too strong or too weak, the body is negative, it will cause a series of lesions; caused by the dru
[2013-03-22] How can download the software make analyzer runs in Mac
At present, all quantum resonance magnetic analyzer in the market so not support Mac system. Original analyzer support XP/Win2K/Win7/Win8/Vista, that's the latest software version in the market. If you want the analyzer runs in the Mac, please inst