[2013-04-19] 36 report quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer with other report than 32
quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software version 3.3.0 wiith 32 report. Now upgrade to 3.6.0, so the report add to 38. Here is the data 1. Channels amd collaterals 2. Pulse of heart and brain 3. Blood lipids 4. Sperm and Semen 5. Menstrual cycle
[2013-04-18] How many language version can be compatible in one quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer
At present, we have more than 10 language version for quantum resonance magnetic analyzer . In general, one machine could compatible with every language vresion. In order to keeping the quantum analyzer runing well , at most three languag in one an
[2013-04-17] The quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer can test Fung Function
The 3rd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer witih 32 or 38 report, all with Fung Function test function . Because this quantum analyzer is sub-health testing machine , not for cure or medicail, so it do not suitable for testing sik
[2014-03-02] How to get free quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer software
WE is the unique quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software dodwnload website. The latest quantum resonance magnetic analyzer softwatre version is 3.6.0 The 3rd generation English version we offer 3.3.0 and 3.6.0 only. All with 85%-90% accuracy an
[2014-03-01] professional quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer
Professional quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer that is amway quantum analyzer. This is a analyzer software design for amway person and there are amway ingredient on expert advice The univesal quantum anlayzer that is standard quantum resonance magn
[2013-04-16] Is amway version quantum resonance magnetic analyzer can change the recommandation?
The amway quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer design for amway person and their have ingredient. The Expert Advice can be cahnge at the background, but can't not show on. The univesal quantum resonance magnetic analyzer can edit thethe recommandation
[2013-04-15] How if lose the quantum resonance magnetic analyzer CD
Thequantum resonance magnetic analyzer with a install CD include the software. If you bought from us and lost the CD, please don't worried, we will offer you the free one. also if you want toupgrade the analyzersoftware, contact the sales man you c
[2013-04-15] About the 38 report of our quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer.
There are many quantum resonance magnetic analyzer in the market with 38 report. And we said we have the latest software version 3.6.0 with 38 report. It is very difference, the same report items, but the accuracy with keen difference. Everyone ca
[2013-04-13] If the quantum resonance magnetic anlayzer can test skin?
3rd generation quantum resonance magnetic analyzer with 32-38 report. There are one report test skin, and get the expert advice. But this report is not profession as the professional skin analyzer. Also we have very perfect skin analyzer
[2013-04-13] Beside the prices, what's the difference between origianl analyzer and copy analyzre
Copy suppliers copy the original anlayzer and report, so the fake one looks like the original one. However, there are something they can't never copy: 1. accuracy and runing speed 2. hardware and software 3. stability and compatibiliity 4. after-sell