[20-08-29] What You Can Do To Be Helpful For Atrial Fibrillation

Healthy Lifestyle

You can protect your heart by the choices you make in your daily life, too. Eat healthy food. Get plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, along with whole grains and lean protein. Limit alcohol and caffeine.

Quit smoking. It can double your risk of AFib.

Stop drinking: It can raise your odds of AFib. How much depends on how much you drink. And it can affect the way your blood thinners work.

Exercise. It’s good for you and your heart. It helps keep your muscles strong, your blood moving, and your weight in check. It even helps you sleep. Talk to your doctor about the best activities for you, so you don't overdo it.

Check labels. Over-the-counter products like cold medications could have ingredients that will speed up your heart rate.


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