[18-12-11] What are the symptoms of typhoid fever?

The incubation period is usually one to two weeks, and the duration of the illness is about four to six weeks. The patient experiences poor appetite;

abdominal pain;


generalized aches and pains;

fever, often up to 104 F;

lethargy (usually only if untreated); intestinal bleeding or perforation (after two to three weeks of the disease);

diarrhea or constipation.

People with typhoid fever usually have a sustained fever as high as 103 F-104 F (39 C-40 C).

Chest congestion develops in many patients, and abdominal pain and discomfort are common. The fever becomes constant. Improvement occurs in the third and fourth week in those without complications. About 10% of patients have recurrent symptoms (relapse) after feeling better for one to two weeks. Relapses are actually more common in individuals treated with antibiotics.

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