[18-09-17] Bone Mineral Density Of Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Bone Mineral Density of quantum resonance magnetic analyzer:

It mainly reflects the strength of bone, and therefore it is the gold standard of the diagnosis of osteoporosis, but also can predict the risk of the occurrence of fracture. Although the transformation of post-menopausal bone has a sudden-jump process, the biochemical indicators which can reflect this change and predict the risk of the occurrence of fracture of patients are very limited. Undoubtedly, it brings a lot of inconvenience for the following up of clinical treatment and the development of research work. The researchers point out that the bone mineral density and the used biochemical indicators can not fully reflect the effects of anti-osteoporosis treatment and predict the risk of the occurrence of fracture of patients. But there is no a more valuable test indicator, so the bone mineral density is still the most commonly used indicators for diagnosis and following up. Determining and reflecting the biochemical indicators of transformation of the bone possess an important position both in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the research of etiology or treatment.

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