[18-08-22] Degree of Bone Hyperplasia And Osteoporosis In Quantum Analyzer

Degree of Bone Hyperplasia And Osteoporosis in quantum analyzer:

Degree of Bone Hyperplasia:

    It is the bone state. In the process of growth, development and functional completion of bone, some parts lose the normal shape. Bone hyperplasia are in various forms and have their own characteristics because of the different parts. For instance, hyperplasia of knee joint is often referred to 'bone spur', and there is Intra-articular loose bodies and cartilage hyperplasia. Hyperplasia of spine bone mainly show the 'lip-like' change of the vertebral body, compressing the nerve, resulting in abnormal limb sense and motor abnormality.

Degree of Osteoporosis:

    It is a phenomenon of bone reduction of the whole body. It is mainly showed that the content of bone matrix is significantly reduced, while the components of minerals (mainly containing calcium and phosphorus) in the bone are basically normal. In other words, in osteoporosis, the content of protein and other organic substances and water in the bone are decreased, and the content of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals are at the normal level. The bone matrix plays the role of support and connection between calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. Thus, if the bone matrix is reduced, the gaps among the minerals are increased, being expressed as osteoporosis. With the progress of osteoporosis, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals in the bone will also be constantly lost and reduced, and therefore the bone matrix and minerals of the bone are decreased. Osteoporosis in old age is actually a consequence of long-term calcium deficiency.

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