[18-05-15] Bone Disease Of Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Bone Disease Of Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer

Testing Term Description:

1. Lumbar Fiber Protruding Dimension: it shows the lumbar fiber cycle or the nucleus pulposus protrudes toward one side of the body or protrudes near the side. Generally, the common case is that the left side compress the equina of the right side. No direction is normal.

2. Adhesion Degree of Shoulder Muscle: it shows the degree of shoulder inflammatory lesions of the elderly, or the adhesion degree of shoulder muscle. Generally, the smaller the tested value is, the better it is. It proves their illness is lighter or there is no body disease.

3. Limbs Circulation Limit: it shows the limit of stiffness or activities of blood microcirculation of limbs due to a variety of external factors. Generally, four pluses mean it is most serious. The less the number of plus is, the better it is; it proves that the probability of the disease factors in the body is lower.

4. Age of Ligament: this indicator is an integrated parameter obtained through the above four indicators, and the results are generally in 10% -40%. The greater value proves the degree of degenerative diseases or aging is larger, and contrariwise it proves the physique and the human immunity are stronger.

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