[18-05-10] Memory Index(ZS) And Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Memory Index(ZS) and quantum resonance magnetic analyzer:

It reflects the strength of people's memory. Cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral atrophy and others will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain. The functional declination of hippocampal cells in the brain is the histological reason of memory declination of the elderly. Memory is divided into two kinds: one is auditory memory that people remember by ears through listening to others' talk or read; one is visual memory that people remember by eyes through looking. Memory means are different, the memory is in auditory type if the person is good at remembering by ears, and the memory is in visual type if the person is good at remembering by eyes. Memory can be divided into instantaneous memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. People do not need to preserve some memories of life in mind in long term, sometimes we only need to remember a specific time of some things, and it's ok to forget it. But there are some things we need to maintain a long time in our mind. If we forget some things, it will bring great difficulties and even foolish results for our study, life and work. How is the forgotten generated? There are two reasons: one is fading; it means you forget some knowledge and do not always recall, and then the impression in the mind will gradually weaken and eventually fade away. It is like ink on a piece of paper, the ink is not always painted, so the color of ink will be light and white.One is interference; it means there are so many things in mind, and they are overlapped and confused; if you want to recall a problem, you can not remember it immediately and can remember it or a little after repeatedly thinking.

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