[18-04-24] Sentiment Index For Quamtum Analyzer

Sentiment Index For Quamtum Analyzer:

    Sentiment is people's experience of attitude toward the objective things, and the reflection whether people's needs are satisfied. Sentiment is divided into two kinds: positive sentiment and negative sentiment. The positive sentiment can enhance immune function and promote health, therefore improving quality of life; the negative sentiment including upset, sadness, anxiety, resentment, apathy, etc. is harmful for physical and mental health. Physiological and psychological study and life practice show that the bad sentiment can induce production of the disease and aggravate the disease, and it can also reduce the effect of drug treatment. Because physical condition deteriorates of the elderly and the ability to resist disease-causing factors in and out of the body is reduced, the elderly is susceptible to various diseases. The common diseases include high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcer disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Because of many diseases, unhealthy conditions and even the threat of death, the elderly is prone to negative sentiment and pessimistic minds and is demoralized and dispirited to result in destruction of physical and mental coordination, so that the body is in stress, the immunity is weakened, therefore making the diseased conditions worse or aggravate. After the elderly is sick, the elderly self will bear a lot of pressure, but also it brings the family, society and medical personnel a heavy burden. If the negative sentiment of the elderly can be changed into positive sentiment, it will help to enhance their disease resistance and self-confidence to improve the living conditions of the elder patients and enhance the quality of life.

    The sentiment state is a kind of psychological factor or psychological factor. The psychological factor is different from other factors, and its harm for the body is not directly revealed and has a hidden nature. It is invisible, and therefore people often easily overlook it. Modern medical theory and clinical practice have been converted grown from a pure biomedical model into a new model of 'biological - psychological - social' organic combination from the pure bio-medical model. Thus, we take measures from the psychological direct to eliminate the patient's negative sentiment, which is very beneficial to prevention and treatment of diseases. To the end, we put forward the following measures: anxiety and frustration have a direct relationship with the hyperactivity of brain's fear center. Depression has two forms: one is reactivity, and one is internality. The reactive depression often occurs after in a certain life events, such as the death of friends and relatives, the fire at home, work fault, spouse's infidelity and divorce and so on, and the depressed sentiment usually does not last too long time and can be recovered under others' help. The internal depression is unconsciously generated in long-term life, such as the unhappy marriage, difficult life, having chronic diseases, unsatisfying of leaders, low title in long term, disabled child.

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