[18-03-12] Pancreatic Function Of Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Pancreatic Function Of Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer:


It is a protein with smaller molecular weight. Its role in the body is very broad, and it mainly reduces blood sugar.


1. For glucose metabolism, it promotes the liver, muscle and adipose tissue to take up and utilize glucose, promotes the synthesis of glycogen and muscle glycogen, inhibits gluconeogenesis, and promotes glucose to be converted into fatty acids to be stored in adipose tissue;

2. For fat metabolism, it inhibits activity of lipase, thus inhibiting lipolysis;

3. For protein metabolism, it promotes protein synthesis, inhibits protein from decomposing. Once the insulin is in lack or can not exert the functionnormally, diabetes will occur.

Pancreatic Polypeptide:

It is a kind of polypeptide with hormonal nature, which synthesized and released by PP cells.


It is synthesized and secreted by pancreatic 5-cells, and the blood sugar concentration is elevated. The function of blood sugar and the function of insulin are antagonistic for each other.

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