[18-03-06] Liver Fat Content For Quantum Analyzer

Liver Fat Content For Quantum Analyzer:

If the liver fat content is more than 5% of wet weight or over 1 / 3 liver cells of per unit area on liver biopsy have lipid droplets under a microscope, the liver is called as a fatty liver. The fatty liver is also known as liver fatty degeneration which refers to fat accumulation in liver cells due to a variety of causes. When a healthy person takes in meals with reasonable ingredients, the liver fat content accounts for 5% of the weight of liver. B-US can detect the fatty liver with over 30% of liver fat content.

The fatty liver is divided into obese fatty liver, alcoholic fatty liver, diabetes fatty liver which are the three common causes of fatty liver. In addition, there are nutritional disorder fatty liver, drug-induced fatty liver, acute fatty liver of pregnancy and so on. What are the symptoms of fatty liver? The person with mild fatty liver can have no any discomfort. The patients with moderate or severe fatty liver can have loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension, diarrhea, liver pain, left shoulder and back pain and swollen and other symptoms. The hepatomegaly can be found by a medical examination, and a few livers have mild jaundice and spider angioma. Abnormal liver function, triglycerides and cholesterol increase can be found by a laboratory test. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment can effectively control the further development of fatty liver, so fat deposition in the liver can fade.

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