[18-01-05] Pepsin Secretion Coefficient In Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

Pepsin Secretion Coefficient In Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer:

The stomach has two kinds of duct glands, wherein one is gastric gland which mainly secretes digestive juice and the other is cardiac gland which mainly secretes mucus to protect the mucosa of the cardia. The gastric gland is consist of three kinds of cells: mucous neck cells, chief cells and parietal cells, wherein the mucous neck cells secrete mucus and are located on the surface and below the cortex; the chief cells secrete digestive juice and are located in the middle of the glands and below the neck mucous cells, and the digestive juice mainly includes pepsin; the parietal cells secrete hydrochloric acid, namely the so-called gastric acid, and they are located at the bottom of stomach closing to the cardia, containing many small ducts communicated with the glandular cavity.

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